For our first special episode, we sat down and talked about one of the biggest and most well attended indie comic festivals in the United Kingdom: Thought Bubble.

This month’s questions are:

  1. What makes Thought Bubble stand above the rest as a comic festival?
  2. Who are our guests most looking forward to accidentally-on-purpose running into?
  3. What is Sophie going to be throwing herself at both literally and metaphorically?

Find out all of these answers and more in this month’s episode!


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For future episodes we plan to cover topics such as How I Met Your Mother, Jem and the Holograms, Neil Gaiman’s Stardust and much, much more. Keep your eyes peeled for a super special episode coming up in two weeks, all about The Iliad through the lens of the terrible 2004 movie Troy!

Music: Purple Planet Music

Cover Art: @andrewlosq