For our ninth episode, we sat down and talked about the subversive, bizarre and insanely charming fantasy adventure through the wonderful world of Stormhold: Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.

This month’s questions are:

  1. Is Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust” the epitome of a good adaptation?
  2. Should Michelle Pfeiffer have transformed into a gigantic winged beast?
  3. Is this film worthy of our longest “Fashion Watch” yet?
  4. Do you think that Sophie has a future career as a Scottish Widow?
  5. How do we feel about goats?

Find out all of these answers and more in this month’s episode!

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For future episodes we plan to cover topics such as Gene Wolfe, Conan the Barbarian, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and much, much more. Keep your eyes peeled for our episode next month, all about the mind-bending writer Gene Wolfe, featuring our first crossover with the fantastic podcast Alzabo Soup!

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